Treasurer's Office
200 North 5th Street
Guthrie Center, IA 50115

Phone: (641) 747-3414
Fax: (641) 747-3209

Hrs: 8:00 - 4:30 (M-F)

Marci Schreck

1st Deputies:
Kim Christensen

Brenda Campbell

Michelle Rumelhart

Erica Cleveland


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Pay Your Property Taxes Online

The Guthrie County Treasurer's Office handles
- Real Estate Taxes and Mobile Home Taxes
- Special and Drainage Assessments
- Stamped Drainage Warrants
- Aid to the Elderly Credit forms
- Suspended Taxes
- Tax Searches
- Tax Sales
- County Auctions
- Miscellaneous Receipts
- Semi-Annual Reports
- All Payroll and Claim Warrants

Taxes are due in our office twice a year. We send out statements in August. If you choose to make this in two payments, the 1st half is due in September and the 2nd half is due in March. Penalty is 1% (rounded to the nearest dollar) per month. Delinquent notices are sent out in February and May. Any delinquents that are left will be published in the local newspaper and included in the annual Tax Sale.

The Tax Sale is held annually in the Guthrie County Treasurer's Office. Once sold at the Tax Sale, penalty is 2% per month plus costs. Tax Sale information.

Tax Sale Redemptions are handled in the Treasurer's Office.

All monies that come into the county are funneled through the Treasurer's Office. At the end of the month, everything that has been brought in is balanced and then funds are apportioned out to each of the entities in the county such as schools and towns. Financial Reports are run at that time.


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