County Sanitarian:
Jotham Arber

Ph: (641) 747-8320

Joyce Miller
Dick Stone

Ph: (641) 747-3764
Fax: (641) 747-8916

2349 Jaguar Trail
Guthrie Center, IA 50



Guthrie County Courthouse

200 North 5th Street
Guthrie Center, IA 50115


Regular Hours: 8:00-3:30 (M-F)

Last load each weekday is 3:30 pm


April - Oct.:  Every Saturday

Nov. - Mar.:  First Sat. of Month
Also the last two Sat. of March and the second Sat. of November

Hours:  8:00-Noon

**Closed Saturday of Labor Day Weekend

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The Guthrie County Solid Waste and Recycling Agency operates its facility west of Guthrie Center just off Highway 44 at 2349 Jaguar Trail. Hours for the facility are different depending upon the season. From April through October the facility is open Monday through Friday and EVERY Saturday. Hours are 8:00 – 4:00 weekdays and 8:00 – 12:00 on Saturdays. For Saturdays, see left hand margin.

The site is only a Transfer Station not a landfill. Years ago, due to the high cost of burying materials, the County Board of Supervisors chose to discontinue burying at the site. Two buildings were built: one for holding recyclables and the other holding garbage. These materials are then compacted and shipped to the Carroll County Landfill and Recycling Plant. Guthrie County is a part of the West Central Iowa Solid Waste Association.

This Association is composed of Carroll, Guthrie, Audubon, Shelby, and Crawford Counties. The Association works together in garbage and recycling. This helps keep costs lower than if each county were operating independently.

So when you come to the site you do not have mud, garbage, and other hazards. There are rock roads to each building and to the other drop-off points for your convenience. Even in bad weather, it is relatively easy to leave your materials.

Your first stop will be the scales to weigh your load. You should come into the office and talk to the attendant if you have any questions. Keep in mind that different materials may go in different locations. And, some materials are taken at NO CHARGE. Also, some materials DO have an extra fee associated with them. As examples, garbage will go to the lower building, recyclables to the upper building, vegetation to the brush pile, appliances to the blue building, etc. Be sure to let the attendant know what materials you have.

For your convenience, it is best to load materials in groups to facilitate unloading of the various materials if you have a mixed load. The various web pages included on this site will give you good direction on how materials should be separated.

The attendant may weigh you several times as you unload various materials, or only once, if you have just one type of material. By law we are required to keep track of the various types of materials that you bring in. We have quarterly and annual reports that have to be completed and the fees we pay are based upon these reports.

After unloading all materials, you’ll weigh empty. Then the attendant will calculate the bill that you owe. In many cases, you may owe NOTHING depending on what you have brought in. Nearly, all recyclable materials are at NO CHARGE.

Payment is expected at the time of delivery. Regular customers such as contractors, garbage haulers, etc. may have open accounts but these must be set up IN ADVANCE. Currently, the fee for garbage is $50.00/ton, but on July 1, 2016 will go to $55.00/ton. If you bring certain items like tires, there is an additional fee. If you have only a bag or two of garbage, there is a MINIMUM fee of $6.00 for coming to the Transfer Station.

You should always feel free to contact the Transfer Station office to ask any questions that you have. The Transfer Station line will sometimes roll to voice mail automatically if the Office Manager is on the Internet filing reports. Please be patient and leave a message. Time on-line is kept to a minimum so this should be only a minor inconvenience. Anytime someone has concerns about the facility you should feel free to contact Stephen Patterson at the number shown on the web site.

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