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Jotham Arber, BA, MPH

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Guthrie County Public Health Nursing Service
2002 State Street, Suite 1
Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115

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Guthrie County Public Health Nursing Service is committed to providing the full scope of community health nursing services to residents of Guthrie County. Health promotion, health education, coordination of care and home health nursing programs are designed to improve the health of the total population.

The agency seeks to deliver quality, cost-effective health care services by developing, maintaining and improving health-related programs that recognize the wellness continuum. Holistic services are directed toward individuals and their families, groups and the community with special attention to populations at risk.

The Board of Health and its administrative staff provide leadership and direction in the development and implementation of a community health plan which promotes and conserves the public health.

“Guthrie County Public Health Nursing Services has been named as a 2013 HHCAPS Honors Recipient.

Thank you to our home health clients for letting Guthrie County Public Health serve you.

Thank you to our EXCELLENT staff of health aides, nurses, and office staff for providing such a high level of care to Guthrie County residents!!”

Administrator: Jotham Arber, BA, MPH

Staff Nurses: Lori Campbell (RN), Kristi Carper, (RN, BS, Nurse Supervisor), Marcia Lewis (RN, BSN), Paula Sheeder (RN), Cara Oberholtz (LPN)

Clerical Staff: Rita Petersen, Jo Rasmussen

Home Care Aides: Cheryl Jensen (HCA), Robin Moore (HCA), Deb O'Keeffe (HCA), Diane Vorm (HCA), Sherry Ludwig (HCA, FSW), Peggy Dentlinger (FSW), Sarah Sloss (HCA)

Employment Opportunity: We are seeking 2 part-time staff RNs.

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