Conservation & Historical Education

The staff of the Guthrie County Conservation Board provides public programs and works with local schools and private groups dealing with a variety of subjects such as conservation, natural resources, ecology, and history.

The Guthrie County Conservation Board has held many public programs over the years, such as the annual Halloween Hike, prairie walks, canoe floats, "Breakfast with the Birds," Monarch butterfly release, hunter safety courses, deer-scoring workshops, bluebird and wood duck nesting box workshops, and eagle watches. The Guthrie County Historical Village, also a part of the Guthrie County Conservation Board, has hosted many historical programs in past years, such as  Pioneer Days, a cemetery walk, artifact roadshow, and an antique car show & county tour.


Wildlife Conservation Directory

Following is a directory of contacts serving Guthrie County who can answer wildlife and environmental questions:

· Guthrie County Conservation Board, 641.755.3061

Guthrie County Conservation Board manages 13 areas totaling approximately 966 acres including Nations Bridge Park, Lenon Mill Park, Raccoon River Valley Trail, and the Guthrie County Historical Village. The Guthrie County Conservation Board also administers a Conservation Education and Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management program.


· Wildlife Law Enforcement: Jeremy King, 712.250.0061

The DNR Conservation Officer enforces fish and wildlife regulations. You can also report game violations anonymously by calling TIP (Turn in Poachers) 1.800.532.2020.


· Wildlife Biologist: Josh Gansen, 515.432.2823

The DNR Wildlife Biologist oversees the management of state public wildlife areas in the seven-county Bays Branch Wildlife Unit and can provide technical assistance to landowners on planning and developing wildlife habitat.


· Wildlife Management: Josh Gansen, 515.573.4351

The DNR Wildlife Specialist provides technical assistance to landowners on planning and developing wildlife habitat.


· Wildlife Damage: Bill Bunger, 641.344.4021

The DNR Wildlife Damage Biologist specializes in reducing damage caused by wildlife, especially to crops. The Guthrie County Conservation Board has one live trap available to the public for nuisance animals that need relocating.


· Forestry: Aaron Wright, 515.993.4133

The DNR District Forester assists landowners with questions regarding tree planting, care, and timber harvest.


· Fisheries: Brian Hayes, 515.432.2823

The DNR Fisheries Biologist assists landowners with pond management and fish stocking.


· Wildlife Rehabilitation - ISU Wildlife Care Clinic, 515.294.4900

The Wildlife Care Clinic accepts most (no raccoons or skunks) injured wildlife. Generally the best solution for most wildlife situations is to leave the animal alone and let nature take its course. State Federal Laws prohibit you from taking in wildlife - even with the best of intentions.


· Weeds: Steve Stringham, 641.747.2274

The Guthrie County Weed Commissioner controls noxious weeds in roadside ditches and problem areas.


· Prairie: Joe Hanner, 641.755.3061

The Guthrie County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) personnel establishes and maintains native vegetation in county road right-of-ways.  For technical assistance to private landowners interested in establishing prairie or wildlife habitat, contact Joe Hanner.


· Dumping, Spills, Hazardous Materials - DNR Environmental Protection Field Office, 712.243.1934

The DNR Office can answer questions about water quality, hazardous waste, and dumping violations.


· Extension Service, 641.747.2276

The Guthrie County Extension Service office offers assistance on a variety of topics, including pest control, gardening, and proper use of fertilizers and pesticides.


· Soil Conservation Service, 641.747.3812

The USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service is responsible for protecting soil. Their staff can assist landowners with terraces, pond construction, riparian buffers, filter strips, and many federal programs dealing with soil and water quality and wetland restorations.


· Hunter Safety Classes or GCCB Office, 641.755.3061


· Hunting and Fishing Licenses, 641.755.3061

Hunting and Fishing licenses are available at the GCCB Office in Panora, the Guthrie County Courthouse in Guthrie Center, or local stores. All licensing is done electronically.



General DNR Information.  The DNR offers several taped messages that answer most frequently asked questions.       


                          Hunting Information - 515.281.HNTR

                          Fishing Information - 515.281.FISH

                          State Parks and Camping Information - 515.281.TENT

                          Forestry Information - 515.281.TREE

Phone: 641.755.3061

Fax: 641.755.4066



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