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History & Mission

The Guthrie County Conservation Board offers a variety of recreational opportunities including camping, hunting, fishing, canoeing, biking, bird-watching, picnicking, and much more. Guthrie County is rich in natural resources and diverse in recreational areas giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the county. The Guthrie County Conservation Board welcomes and invites you to enjoy the conservation and recreation areas in Guthrie County.


The Guthrie County Conservation Board (GCCB) was established in 1967. The board consists of five members appointed to five-year staggered terms by the county supervisors. The members serve without pay but receive their actual expenses for mileage, etc. while carrying out official duties. The conservation board hires a full-time Director whose duties are to carry out the policies and projects of the board and to guide and advise the board in their decision making.


The mission of the Guthrie County Conservation Board is to acquire, develop, maintain and make available to the inhabitants of the county, public parks, preserves, parkways, recreational centers, county forests, wildlife, public museums, and other conservation areas, to promote and preserve the health and general welfare of the people, to encourage the orderly development and conservation of natural resources, and to cultivate good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation and conservation education.

Text Box: Guthrie County, Iowa, has an interactive GIS website that allows you to search, view, and print parcel maps.  

A separate layer of the map has been designated for Guthrie County Conservation areas, including DNR areas, Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT) Mile Markers, and the RRVT route.  To get started, simply follow the link below:

Want to watch some eagles live?


Check out the Decorah Eagle Cam Live Feed.

This website offers live streams, videos and alerts for the of the Decorah eagles. For those of you new to the craze, millions were able to watch the birth of 3 eaglets. Thanks to the Raptor Resource Project, a 24-hour webcam has been placed so that the world may watch the growth and lives of a family of bald eagles.