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Web Page Pot Pourri
updated April, 2014

This is a list of wide ranging web sites on lots of topics that you might find of interest from a health standpoint.  From time-to-time additional sites will be added as they become known.

1) Check out the IDPH Toxicology Manual. Iowa has an evolving manual of fact sheets on various chemicals, elements, etc. showing health effects, how to handle, etc.  By going to the site you can scan the list, which is supposed to grow with time.

2) For a bedbugs fact sheet with pretty pictures (!!) go to: Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Other pages with lots of information on bedbugs includes the following:

3) Visit Contractors and other interested career people may find the On-Site Training Center web site very helpful to learn when various courses will be offered, mostly through DMACC.

4) Any contractors involved in the licensing requirements for plumbers, HVAC, refrigeration, and hydronics will definitely want to keep checking on the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Examining Board web site.

5) Electrical permits are required by the State for all residential, commercial, and industrial building sites.  The State has inspectors in all counties that will check on sites.  Visit the Electrical Examining Board website at iowaelectrical.govA wealth of information is available, but do NOT put in www before the domain name when you put in the web address.

6) This web page is for the Bureau of Environmental Health Services, a division of the Iowa Dept. of Public Health. This web site covers all the programs of the Dept. such as tattoo, swimming pool, Iowa Code, training programs, etc. The web page is

7) For items on mold go to #6 above and type "mold" in the search box. You can also click here for those results.

8) The State has passed requirements for ANY contractor, rental property owner, etc. that works on pre-1978 homes to comply with very stringent lead notification and safety requirements.  The following web site will provide information .  Looking at the Frequently Asked Questions section would be the most helpful.  The site is within the Iowa Dept. of Public Health website:

9) The State has a very good web site that explains the grant programs for the well plugging, well testing, and well rehabilitation programs. These programs are administered locally by this Dept. for Guthrie, Cass, Adair, and Audubon Counties. That web site is

10) The Iowa Pharmacy Association has a program called TakeAway. This is a web listing of pharmacies that will take most old medications for proper disposal. Today the recommendation is that you shouldn’t put most medicines down the drain or into the garbage. To locate pharmacies that will take old medicines go to

11) The Lake Panorama On-Site Wastewater Management District is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency in its guidelines and information regarding on-site sewage systems. The District is highlighted in one of its manuals. You can go to and it will show the Panorama page in the manual. Caution: Some of the information is out of date such as fees and a few items have some errors of content. But it is something that shows the forethought the County and Lake had in establishing this District.

12) This website is from the Iowa Department of Public Health regarding the radon in schools issue.  Go to

NOTE: While we donít vouch for any of these sites, they are ones that appear to have a lot of great information.



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