County Sanitarian:
Jotham Arber (interim)

Ph: (641) 747-3972

Assistant Sanitarian:
Mike Stringham
cell: (641) 757-0468

Environmental Technician:
Justin Downing

Office Manager:
Darcia Robson

Ph: (641) 747-8320
Fax: (641) 747-8916

Guthrie County Courthouse
200 North 5th Street
Guthrie Center, IA 50115

Hrs: 8:00 - 4:30 (M-F)

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Animal Nuisances

  Animal Bite Procedures

  Animal Bite Incident Report Form

  Rabies Information

Environmental Health Fees

Guthrie County Board of Health


  Chapter 1: Private Sewage Disposal System

  Chapter 2: Non-public Water Supply Wells

  Chapter 3: Requirements for Properly Plugging Abandoned Wells

  Chapter 4: Well Water Standards for Rental Property

  Chapter 5: Regulations Pertaining to the Burial of Humans

  Chapter 6: Air Quality


  Chapter 7: Radon Control Measures

Handling of Mercury Spills and CFL Bulbs

Lake Panorama Onsite Wastewater Management Ordinance

Lake Panorama Onsite Wastewater Management Rules and Regulations

Percolation Test/Procedures


Sanitary Districts

  Diamondhead Sanitary District

  South Panorama Sanitary District - History and Description

  South Panorama District Cost Share

  South Panorama Sanitary District Ordinances

    South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 1
    South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 2

    South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 3

    South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 4

     South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 5

    South Panorama Sanitary District - Ordinance 6

Septic Systems

  City of Bagley On-site Septic Systems

  City of Jamaica On-site Septic System

  City of Yale On-site Septic System

  Licensed Septic Tank Pumpers

  Procedures for Septic Tank Pumping

  Request time of transfer information

  Septic System Grants and Loans

  Septic System Permits

Special Announcements

  Information on Mold

   Plumber and Mechanical Professional Licensing

  Nuisance Control of Bats


  Water Testing Requests

  Well Disinfection Methods

  Well Grants to Counties

  Well Permit Application Process

  Well System - Time of Sale Requirements

Tanning Bed Inspections

West Central Inspections


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