County Auditor:
Marci L. McClellan

Chief Deputy - Bryann Marsh
Pay Roll and Real Estate

Deputy - Danielle Fink

Accounting and Elections

Ph: (641) 747-3619
Fax: (641) 747-3027

Guthrie County Courthouse
200 North 5th Street
Guthrie Center, IA 50115

Hrs: 8:00 to 4:30 (M-F)

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Clerk to Board of Supervisors

As clerk to the Board of Supervisors, the Auditor performs a variety of duties. The Auditor accepts petitions, registers complaints, or acts on routine business in the absence of the Board. Oftentimes, the Auditor prepares Board meeting agendas, notifies the media, attends all Board meetings, keeps and records Board meeting minutes, and publishes the proceedings in the official County newspapers. The Auditor initiates bid notices, solicits proposals for County contracts for materials and services, and receives contract proposals. Official papers related to Board of Supervisors' business are referenced and curated by the Auditor.

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